Wheelchair ramps help you rise to life’s challenges

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and need to use a wheelchair following surgery, due to an injury or for a more permanent condition, access ramps from Stair Ride help make it easy for you to get in and out of your home, safely and independently. Our access ramps are fully compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). They give you more freedom to get to your appointments, visit with family and friends, and enjoy the outdoors.

Ramps by Stair Ride Co

Wheelchair ramp rental: Ideal for short term recovery

Our portable, modular access ramps are available for rental as well as purchase. We’ll give you flexible options to suit your budget and situation so you can have the smooth and easy access you need.

Whether you are walking, using a wheelchair or use a powerchair or scooter, we have ramps in a variety of styles and prices to fit your home and your needs. You can have a ramp smoothly and easily installed in just days—not weeks or months.

For a free home evaluation, call Stair Ride now at 215-442-1531.

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Stair Ride offers a wide range of top quality modular ramps to rent or to buy

If your property cannot accommodate a ramp, but you still need the freedom to safely move in and out of your home, Stair Ride also offers ADA-compliant platform lifts.

Call us at 215-442-1531 for a free home evaluation based on your needs, your property and your budget.

Why choose Stair Ride?


Stair Ride has been serving the Greater Philadelphia area since 1965.


We are a full-service home access firm helping our customers live safely and securely in their own homes.


We feature equipment made by the #1 supplier of aluminum wheelchair ramps in North America.


Our trained, experienced staff professionally installs ADA-compliant solutions.


With purchase and rental options, we have the flexibility to meet your needs for safe and reliable home accessibility.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why should I choose a modular ramp?

A: Modular ramps allow quick installation times, flexible layouts and easy repairs in the event the ramp is damaged. Plus, if a ramp is only needed for a short-term use—during recovery from surgery, for instance—it can be removed without impact to the home.

Q. Do you rent ramps?

A : Stair Ride does rent and sell aluminum ramps to consumers. Call us for more information including a free home evaluation.

Q. What is the evaluation process for a ramp?

A : Stair Ride will come to your home for a free evaluation, to take measurements of your property and discuss your needs for a ramp. We will then draw up a layout and provide you with a quote. After you approve, an installation date will be set promptly.

Q. How long will I have to wait for my ramp?

A: We work with our suppliers to shorten your wait time as much as possible, keeping our inventory in-stock for fast shipping and installation.

Q. I will only need to rent the ramp for a few months. Will the ramp damage my property when it is removed?

A: No, our modular ramps will not permanently alter your home and can safely be removed from your property when no longer needed.

Q. How long does it take for a ramp to be removed?

A: Most ramps can be removed from a property within a few hours.

Q. I’m moving. Can I take my ramp with me?

A: If you purchased your ramp, it is your property and you can have it removed and installed elsewhere. Please contact Stair Ride to assess your new home and complete the new installation, to ensure that the new ramp will be safe for use, and to add any needed parts.

Q. My ramp was damaged by a falling tree or hit by a vehicle. Is this covered under the warranty?

A: The warranty covers installation errors or product defects. Once a ramp is installed, contact your insurance agent to discuss adding a rider to include the ramp in your home insurance policy to protect you from accidental damage.

Q. Is a ramp’s warranty transferred if it is sold or donated?

A: No, the warranty only covers the original installation.

Q. How can I manage snow removal?

A: All of our ramps are designed for fast, simple clearing of any snow or ice. If you have an aluminum ramp, we recommend using a calcium chloride salt substitute. We will provide specific guidance to you about making sure your ramp is always as safe as possible.

Q. Why can’t I just use a piece of plywood as a ramp?

A: An unsafe ramp can be as dangerous as no ramp at all. Plywood ramps can become very slippery when wet. Changes in weather and moisture can cause swelling that may reduce the  soundness of the wood.  A ramp isn’t just a platform, it’s a safety system. If the rise is higher than 6 inches off the ground, the ADA specifies that a ramp needs a railing to keep you from falling over the edge of the ramp and to provide the support you need to pull yourself along. Toe guards are also essential to make sure that your mobility device or your foot can’t slip off the side of the ramp.

Q. How long will my ramp need to be?

A: The ADA states that “for every inch of rise you must have one foot of run”. What does that mean? For a 1-foot-high step you are legally required to use a 12-foot-long ramp. A steep ramp can be difficult to push someone up and create unsafe speed when coming down.

Q. Are portable wheelchair ramps safe?

A: Portable wheelchair ramps are robust and are made to withstand high traffic. In general, wheelchair ramps can support 600-800 pounds of weight. The ramps are very safe, and their design provides a smooth, gradual motion compared to mobility hurdles like stairs.

Q. Do wheelchair chair ramps need handrails?

A: Safety codes require that all ramps exceeding six inches in height are installed with handrails.

For a free home evaluation, call Stair Ride now at 215-442-1531.

I so enjoy my stair ride. The installers were quick and efficient. They explained the mechanics and reviewed the paperwork with me. Having the chair lift has greatly improved my mobility. Great company and product.


Michelle Lovejoy


This company is great and they provide prompt service whenever it is needed. I have called them on a sunday when our chair stopped working and they came out to fix it within a couple of hours. The monthly cost is so reasonable, it really is a life saver for my parents.


Alicia Kiefer


We shopped around on price and learned Stair Ride offered the best price for value the first time I called. No games. I thought about ordering online and installing myself for my mom. But I was only saving a few hundred dollars for a lot of work and stress. And I would have no one to service the chair if needed. So they did great. Mom loves the stair rider.




We shopped around on price and learned Stair Ride offered the best price for value the first time I called. No games. I thought about ordering online and installing myself for my mom. But I was only saving a few hundred dollars for a lot of work and stress. And I would have no one to service the chair if needed. So they did great. Mom loves the stair rider.




Never went to the store, however, they were very efficient on the phone and in installing, and any questions we had. The Gentleman that installed was very mannerly and efficient also. I love mine, didn't think I would use it but it has helped me very much with my bad knees.


Elaine Schneider


This past year my Mum needed a stair lift. From the first moment I spoke to Stair Ride, they were professional, courteous and efficient. The stair lift was my Dad's idea so we started the process. My Mum didn't want the lift so we stopped the process. Their team was so understanding! After a week or so, my Mum agreed and Stair Ride moved forward quickly. The install was great! They showed up on time. Made no mess! They were polite. Invoice came via email. The whole process was smooth during a time of huge transition for my parents. We can't thank them enough! Would highly recommend!


Jane Amorin


From the moment we called to have chair installed they went above and beyond for us. From the office staff to the technicians they treated us like we were their own family. I have nothing but high praises for this company.


Celeste Sabato


Very professional, quick, and responsive. They patiently answered all of my questions and were communicative throughout the entire process.


Katie Musselman


Our Stair Ride was an invaluable purchase. The technician who installed it was pleasant, adhered to CDC guidelines, and completed the job in a couple of hours. He made sure we were comfortable in using the lift, having each of us operate it before he left. The price was very reasonable, and we are completely satisfied with this company. We would recommend Stair Ride without hesitation!


Angela Zenzel


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